Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More bang for your buck.

This is the age of mass-produced, mass-marketed, over-priced, under-quality crap. It's the latest rage in New York, in less than a second they'll know about it in Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Within hours they'll make 8 billion of them in China. Within months they'll all be broken. A year from now no one will care or recall that they ever did.

Friday, March 18, 2011

crazy dream

So I had this dream last night and completely forgot about it until about halfway through my day at work. It's wicked.

I was at work. From outside of myself, I watched myself walk out of the building. The building itself resembled my real life work a little but looked more like an aircraft hangar - it makes me think of Navy Pier. Most of the area outside the building was concrete except for a small grassy spot just beside the door. A group of my co-workers were standing off to that side under a tree. Back in the first-person, I walked out the door. I looked at the sky and as I was about to make a comment about the strange weather to my co-workers, I was struck by lightning. But it was not instantaneous. I could distinctly hear the lightning coming toward me, it sounded like a heavy piece of paper being slowly torn. When I heard that sound, I knew what was about to happen. I wanted to run but I knew I couldn't move fast enough to get away. I was instantly deaf and blind and I knew it was happening. There was only the sensation like a giant hand on my head, shoving me into the ground - literally pushing my entire body into the concrete like a nail being pounded into wood. It seemed to be the most painful and frightening thing I'd ever endured yet I wasn't afraid. The calm I felt allowed me to overcome the pain. I recall thinking something to the effect of, "I've just been hit by lightning. There's a good chance I'm dead. I'm neither in pain nor afraid. This is amazing!"

Suddenly I was back in my body, alive and well. I was standing some distance from where I was hit by lightning, facing the spot with the building in the background - a similar view to when I first watched myself walk out of the building but a little farther from the building. I could tell some time had passed (days? months? years?) There were people standing around me and they were all amazed that I was not only alive but completely unscathed. I was telling them how I felt fine, maybe even better than before I was hit by lightning.

At that point I woke up and went WHOA! I better not forget that one! Not only is this the first dream I've remembered in a VERY long time, it's strange even by my standards. And now I've potentially overcooked my hardboiled eggs by 10 minutes while I was typing that all! Yikes!

Anyway, what does that dream say to YOU?